As I’ve mentioned before, and will probably continue to mention all year because it is such a great innovation, I have the MLB Extra Innings package from Comcast. So, I typically don’t watch commercials during Sox games, instead flipping to the 620 channels to watch a few pitches of pretty much any other game. Sometimes I get distracted wondering if A-Rod ever got the taste of Tek’s glove out of his mouth or Natalie Portman’s shaving habits or just thinking about the Sox being World Series Champions. The next thing I know there isn’t baseball on my TV. There are freaks and morons blathering on about things that I don’t have the slightest interest in, and can’t think of anyone pathetic enough that might.

1) Bernie and Phyl: After all these years of having them invade my home via the TV, I still don’t know which is which. But I do know I would shell out $49.95 for a live pay-per-view event featuring various ways of torturing them.

2) NY-Boston Poker Challenge: Just when you thought the NY-Boston rivalry could apply to any facet of life, television proves you wrong. First of all, poker is not a spectator sport. What’s next, televised Monopoly tournaments? Second, these aren’t even celebrities, which might make it mildly interesting. Is it almost over?

3) Curt Schilling Ford Commercials: I don’t care what kind of truck he drives or the errands he runs for Shondra. I care about how many games he wins. Which is exactly one this season.

And it so much worse on the radio, when there is nothing to switch to. You just have to listen and resist the urge to speed up the car and head for the nearest bridge abutment.

1) Bank of America: This is one of the largest banks in the country and they can’t come up with better ads? Their entire marketing department should be locked in a room and forced to listen to the Giant Glass jingle until their ears bleed.

2) Granite City Electric: The commercial for the Field of Dreams contest needs to stop. What else can I say about it?

3) Click It or Ticket: If these are the guys patrolling our highways and keeping us safe, I may relocate.

I’m sure I’ve blocked out a few of the worst TV/radio ads to preserve my sanity…what did I miss?