Hey, it’s only May, right? Right?

Not much more I can say other than the Sox had ample opportunity to put this one away, and just couldn’t make it happen. Also, Dale Svuem v2004 made his triumphant return last night, sending two runners to their certain doom at home plate. Hi.

Sending Damon on that play? Was he high? He must have been. Tell me he was high. In fact, I want to know that Dale Sveum ingested 16 hash brownies before the game. It will take away some of the pain. Please, in the name of all that is holy, somebody tell me that he was high. A little bit of angel dust will make the whole sordid affair sit much, much better with me.

Anyway, I’ll be bringing the TV and sofa outside for this afternoon’s promising Pavano-Clement match up. Might even bring a few ’40s with me as well. Property values be damned!