Blaine Neal couldn’t get out of an inning unscathed with an AK47 (preferred weapon of the enemy) and an army of angry gremlins. Keeping him around to look like a badass during the occasional brawl is entertaining, but not helping us win ballgames. Welcome Wade Miller!

Can we all put aside the Millar-love for just a moment and agree he needs a break from hitting in the 5-hole? He’ll break out of it eventually (.248 with 0 HR) but after how many more LOB? Tek hitting 5th?

Youk needs to be in the line-up during his hot start. First base?

Pokey Reese had surgery on his right shoulder and is expected to be out one to two months. We wish you well from RSN.

From “The Oakland Athletics scored three times in the 10th inning without hitting a ball out of the infield, beating Mariano Rivera and the bumbling Yankees 6-3 Friday night.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

A rainout tonight will suck out loud. Pedro is pitching tonight, it’ll be that and the Celts.

As a guy, this hurts just to read about.

I love Big Papi…no reason, just needed to say that.