…and none of them included “Good job, Boomer.” Six innings, six runs for Wells. No walks, but when you’re tossing meatballs right in the batters’ wheelhouse, you won’t give up many walks. Instead, batters will rip back-to-back-to-back dingers, which they did. Mantei, Halama and Neal came in to pitch the last few innings of BP, and that’s your ballgame, folks.

Red Sox Nation is now in mid-season form. We might say the right things: “it’s only April”, “pitching will come around”, “Manny will start hitting.” But there is a burning in our stomach as new ulcers form and that twitch in our eye that disappeared last October is back, and these things don’t lie. We are nervous.

The Wells watch is officially on. Opening Day we could write off, yesterday in SkyDome (I know, they changed the name, but its still SkyDome) cannot be ignored. Keith Foulke is also under the microscope for his antics on Friday. The offense continues to be a bright spot. Even without Manny being Manny, putting up a 5-spot on Halladay is impressive, and should be enough. And Manny will hit.

Today’s game is as big for the Sox as any sixth game of the season can be. Clement pitched just OK in his first outing, today will be the barometer for his season in the fans’ eyes. And maybe for the team as well. Are they going to struggle against the weaker teams, or will they take a solid two-out-of-three?

A perfect day for the game. I think Clement will impress us today. And I think the offense will continue to produce. But I remember what Lilly did to us last August: complete game 3-hitter with 13 K’s. And I will keep the Tums nearby…