First, as I type this, Survivor’s Greatest Hits is playing in the background. Amazingly, it contains 11 songs. All of them performed by Survivor. Go figure.

Anyway, I’d always liked Hideo Nomo and wished the Sox had been able to hold on to him after his brief stint with us in 2001. I thought he was a solid number two after Pedro, and I was mesmerized by that stop-start motion he uses. And, of course, the fan signs in Japanese. That said, I was happy to see our offense unload on him last night, especially after the high-wire tension of the last couple games. This was just a tremendous display, with Tek [who’s batting close to .400], Bellhorn and Renteria each getting two hits, and a grand slam from Ortiz. Ten runs across and a lot of hot bats, and Manny hasn’t even gotten warmed up yet.

I was particularly jazzed to see Wells throw seven shut out innings. I’m man enough to admit that I dig seeing him out there in his baggy-ass Boston uniform, and hope this is the start of a string of solid outings for Boomer.

In other news, what’s with Baltimore beating the tar out of the Yankees again? In this short season, New York is 1-3 against the Os, who spent 2004 going into full Ned Beatty mode whenever Jeter and crew rolled into town. Last night, Bruce Chen pitched a four-hitter while Carl Pavano got tagged for seven runs over five and two-thirds innings. Also, did I mention Bruce Chen threw a four hitter? Against the Yankees? Because he did.

Chen was bested by D-Lowe, however, who threw a three-hitter against the Padres. Insert Bob Lobel soundbyte here.

Today’s game is tonight’s game: Clement vs. Brazelton at 7:05pm.

“I’ve searched the whole world over/To find a heart so true/Such complete intoxication/I’m high on you.”