It’s fitting that this memorial message for Pope John Paul II was displayed on the screen before last night’s 6-5 win over the Jays. Before the final out of that harrowing ninth inning, I was on my knees, begging God to deliver Keith Foulke from this mess and I swear by all that is holy I’ll never take his [God’s, not Foulke’s] name in vain again. Unless I, like, get kicked in the jimmy or something.

Also, as I mentioned yesterday, the free MLB Extra Innings Preview is my new heroin, and I’ve got a feeling that once it’s withdrawn by the good folks at Comcast, I’ll be left scrambling in the alley, incoherently jabbing a coaxial into my right arm. Last night, I watched the Houston-Cincy game, and saw Clemens belt a two-run single. Later, I settled in for the Rangers and Angels. No, I haven’t showered since Tuesday, thanks.

Oh, and… the Os spank the Yanks? What planet is this?

Today, we get Boomer vs. Halladay. See you then.