Ah, Spring is busting out all over.

Seriously, though, the best part of NESN’s Fever Pitch Red Carpet Special Wednesday night was watching interview subjects try to avert their gaze from the clarion call that was Hazel Mae’s cleavage. Alas, like so many ships in the classics of Greek mythology, few could resist. Myself, I’m just hoping this doesn’t propel Tom Caron to up the ante by adding medallions and ballhugger slacks to his wardrobe.

As far as the movie itself, I’m planning to see it on Saturday. Although I don’t think any film will capture the Red Sox fan experience better than Still We Believe, it’ll be fun to relive last October without, y’know, tearing off my shirt and running headfirst into walls. Also, at Meredith’s insistance, I’ve ordered Nick Hornby’s book from Amazon.

Oh, and what does it say about me when I’m jealous of Jimmy Fallon. Not because he got paid to feel up Drew Barrymore, but because he got to hug THE GAMMONS.

Anyway, this week Comcast is giving a free preview of its MLB Extra Innings package, an insidious, crack dealer-inspired ploy to get us all hooked at the start of the season when we’re at our most hungry for baseball. I watched some of the Anaheim-Texas game last night before being frightened by Vlad Guerrero’s goatee. Nonetheless, this may be the year I break down and buy the package.

Finally, tonight, Arroyo makes his first start of the 2005 season. Feel free to leave your predictions and general Bronson love in the comments section. And good day.