Renteria [Entering apartment]: Sorry I’m late. Did you tape “According to Jim”?

Red Sox Nation [quickly shutting a drawer]: Edgar! You’re — you’re back.

Renteria [points to drawer]: What’s all that, then?

Red Sox Nation: Oh, nothing. Just some odds and ends.

Renteria: “Odds and ends,” eh? Then I guess you won’t mind if I have a look?

[He opens the drawer, pulling out a stack of Orlando Cabrera memorabilia — photos, baseball cards, pins — which he thumbs through, letting each piece fall to the floor.]

Renteria: I knew it.

Red Sox Nation: It’s not what you think.

Renteria: How long must I compete with a memory? Orlando is gone. And he isn’t coming back.

Red Sox Nation [staring longingly at a photo of OC]: No. You musn’t say that.

Renteria: Do you have any idea how hard I’m trying to make this work? And this is the thanks I get?

Red Sox Nation: I know, I know. It’s just… all those double plays. And the errors. It makes me wonder if this is going to work.

Renteria: You’re writing me off after three games? Did you happen to see yesterday’s dismantling of Mariano Rivera? Those insurance runs in the ninth didn’t just waltz across the plate on their own…

Red Sox Nation: It’s not you. It’s me. I just need time.

Renteria: What did he give you that I cannot? A gold glove? I’ve got one of those, too. The funny handshakes? I promise you, by mid-summer, I’ll have an entire repertoire of gestures. With fancy names like “The Colombian Quadrangle” and “Voyage to Sears Auto Center.”

Red Sox Nation [wiping eyes]: It wasn’t just that. There was–

Renteria: The little dance moves? I tell you, my feet are silly with rhythm! Just watch! [He begins making jerky, spastic maneuvers until he trips up and falls to the floor.] Alright. Perhaps I can’t do that. But the fielding? The offense? It will come. I promise you.

Red Sox Nation: I’m sure it will. But you have to understand that I’ve gotten attached to shortstops before. And it always ends in tears.

Renteria: Not this time. I’m here for the long haul.

Red Sox Nation: Do you mean it?

Renteria: I do. But now, I must go. We’re heading to the hospital to check on Terry.

Red Sox Nation: Give him my best.

[Renteria exits. Nation drops to the floor and furiously scoops up OC photos.]

Renteria [walking down Mass. Ave.]: That Nation. She can be a cruel mistress. But I am certain I can tame her. I will win her over in the end.

Nomar: Yeah, good luck with that.