1. First things first: David Wells squaring off against the best-hitting team in baseball. Coming in, I will admit, I wasn’t feeling the love. In fact, I was stocking the fallout shelter with extra beer and nachos, because I was certain all forms of ugliness would be upon us around the fifth inning. But my worries were in vain. Boomer tamed ’em but good, doling out a measly three hits through one of the finest pitching performances of this young season. Don’t look now, but Wells hasn’t allowed a run in his last two outings. Say it again, with love.

2. Again with Boomer, was there anything cooler than watching him chomp up that Brian Roberts bunt attempt, spin with the grace of a Russian circus bear, and fire a shot to Millar to get the out? It was one of those inexplicable moments when horror, humor and ecstasy collide.

3. How pretty was Varitek’s three-run home run? Answer: Very. As Ortiz noted after the game, “Don’t be surprised if he hits 30 this year.” Also cool: Prior to Tek’s home run, Millar was hit by a pitch. When The Captain crossed the plate, he gave Millar a shoulder pat and a nod as if to say, “That’s what they get.” Justice served.

4. With this win, the Sox are now tied for first with the Os. A victory tonight would give us sole possession. It’s only April, but it would still feel pretty good. Oh, and NESN’s Widesreen Wednesday is now my favorite thing in the whole world. Sorry, Ciara.

5. Unrelated to the game, but Nomar is hurt. I watched some of the Cubs-Cards game on ESPN, and did see Nomar strike out [at the hands of Jeff Suppan, no less], but missed his collapse with a groin injury. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious.

Clement takes on “Sox Stopper” Rodrigo Lopez tonight at 7:05. Rock on.