Another sparkling, sun-splashed day at Fenway Park, another offensive explosion, another win. Not to get over-confident, but isn’t this the way it ought to be? The Red Sox beating up on weaker AL East teams, especially when Schilling pitches? Once again powered by the machine that is Manny, the Sox put up runs early and often to support a shaky Curt Schilling. All 9 starters had at least one hit. Damon had three, Millar and Trot had two each, and Manny had two, both which left the park.

Schill struggled through 5 to qualify for the win. But 10 hits, 2 walks, a hit batter and 10 K’s isn’t a typical Schilling start. He threw 117 pitches, 84 for strikes. Which tells me he is going up there and throwing the ball over the plate, challenging hitters to swing. And it isn’t working as often as it should. If Schilling throws 117 pitches, I’d be looking for 8 innings if not a complete game.

After a scathing rant by King George and a rare closed-door meeting between Torre and the players, the Yankees came out swinging, plating 13 runs in the second inning and going on to a 19-8 win over Tampa. Does a tongue-lashing by Georgie really have that impact, or are they just playing a bad team? The speeches didn’t seem to affect Wright, who gave up 8 runs in 5 innings and tried his best to get Tampa back in the game.

As for me, I was sitting two rows off the field at Great American Ballpark watching the Reds edge the Cubbies. That’s where thirty dollars face value puts you. A great place to watch a game. Easy access, wide aisles, open concourses, ever-present vendors in the stands, and yes, they sell beer. And the game? Kerri Wood looking shaky, great young players like Ryan Freel and Wily Mo Pena. And even a pinch-hit appearance by Nomah!

Tonight, it is Arroyo vs. Halladay. But I may be watching Prior vs. Claussen.