Barry Bonds is tired. Can’t you just hear the collective “awwwww, poor Barry” from baseball fans across America? My opinion of this guy which was once just “he’s a jerk and a cheater” but moved to “he’s a racist” after his many tirades last year, has sunk to “he’s a whinny little bitch.” Speculation will be endless: is he afraid of being tested, is he afraid of playing the game without steroids, or is he just afraid of dealing with the pressure of chasing a record he doesn’t deserve? Either way, nothing would make me happier than to see this guy go away. We’re all tired, Barry.

I watched CSI: Miami for the first time the other night. One hour of my life I will never get back. What an incomparable piece of shit. Caruso and that blonde girl with the cartoon voice are two of the worst actors I’ve ever seen. How does this stuff stay on the air? Who watches it more than once?

I’ve tried to keep all political opinions out of my posts on this site. But the U.S. government has redefined the word “farfetched” as I thought only reality TV could do. The steroid hearings were bad, but W and Jeb flying batshit around the country to talk about pulling a feeding tube from a woman who has been in a coma for 15 years? I guess the budget is balanced, health and education issues are solved and innocent people are not getting killed daily in Iraq? Back to the ce-ment pond Mr. Bush.

Opening day is in ten days.

Last night’s American Idol “replay” was the most shameless ratings ploy I’ve seen in a while. Seacrest must be beaten severely about the head and face. Yet I continue to watch…

I, too, love Fenway Park.

Listening to Butch Stearns on WEEI’s Big Show yesterday try to explain the NFL salary cap was like listening to a sixth-grader explain calculus. It extended my list of reasons why this guy should not be on the radio or television talking sports to 6,328. I was praying for “Curt in the car” to call the station and verbally kick his ass. Again.

I will definitely see “Fever Pitch” in the theatres. It is about a Red Sox fan’s passion. It was filmed in Boston. And I like Fallon. I care not one bit about him and Drew Barrymore kissing on the field during the Red Sox celebration. He was filming a movie, doing his job for cryingoutloud. Blame the network for wasting camera time on them. And did I mention it’s about a passionate Red Sox fan and filmed in Boston?

Opening day is in ten days.