We know how you feel. Sitting around, munching Ramen Noodles and staring at your wife’s horrifically oversized ass while programs like Entertainment Tonight and Extra and What Oprah Did Today tell of lives far more fascinating than yours will ever be, filthy with bags of cash, expensive cigars, antique liquor cabinets, and hookers of every nationality — on demand!

We can’t promise you this good life. Hell, on a good day we’re lucky if we can even find our pants in the morning. But as a public service, we pass along the following e-mail we received from some documentary filmmakers looking to connect with Red Sox fans across the globe. Perhaps it could be your ticket to stardom. Or just another bump on the road to oblivion.

Anyway, joking aside, we aren’t associated with these folks in any way; we’re just passing on an e-mail that we found interesting. And if his parole officer okays it, we’ll be sending them the bit about the time Denton tried to enter Fenway Park in trousers made of French Toast.

– – – – – – – –

Hey Red Sox Fans, what’s your story? We’re doing a documentary about Red Sox Fans, and we want you to tell us what you personally did to help “break the curse”! Where were you physically and emotionally at key moments during the ALCS and World Series. We are a team of independent filmmakers who want to preserve the stories we’ve heard and archive them for fans everywhere. Contact us with your story at rsfans@cineking.com, including as much detail and color as you can re-live, for your chance to interviewed on camera and become part of baseball history.