OK, the Red Sox no-hit Northeastern yesterday afternoon while scoring 17 runs in the first five innings. Later, they beat Boston College for like the 600th straight time. I’m a huge spring training fan and I understand these games mean a lot to the college players, but timing is everything. Why tease us with one real game after a long winter, then come back with a college double-header? Spread it out a little. The one highlight came in the first game when Francona asked PawSox manager Ron Johnson to pinch hit in the game. He struck out, but also finished the game playing first base. Tito gets big points from me for coming up with that move. Oh, and the Yankees lost to the Pirates. Any Yankee loss deserves mentioning, doesn’t it?

Can some of the female readers help me out with something? No, not that! Giselle Bunchen has been featured prominently on this very site since she threw out the first pitch at a Sox game last season. Well, that’s why Red claims he put her pics up. Anyway, she is a stunning 5’11”, 24 year old supermodel. And she is engaged to Leonardo DiCaprio. He is 31 and listed at 6’1″. Using that measurement system I’m over 14 feet tall. I think I’m the kind of guy that can admit when another man is good-looking, but I’m not getting this at all. He looks like a guy that spent many a junior high day stuck in a locker or head down in a toilet. As an actor, I really haven’t seen much of his work, although he was outstanding in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? What am I missing?

DiCaprio’s latest work, Aviator, lost out to Million Dollar Baby for the Best Picture Oscar. I have not seen Aviator, but I did see Million Dollar Baby, and it deserved every award it got. Eastwood was classic Eastwood. Morgan Freeman was brilliant, second only to his performance in Shawshank Redemption. Hillary Swank made her too-upbeat, came-from-trailer-trash-parents character somehow very likeable. It didn’t hurt that she was absolutely ripped for the role. All that being said, the movie was pretty disturbing. I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, but it is about as uplifting as Mystic River. But it is still a must-see.

I heard a very funny quote from Kevin Millar on WEEI. This isn’t verbatim, but it’s close. “If I’m doing steroids, I should be asking for my money back”. It’s those types of comments that really make me want to like the guy. Then he shows up hawking fried chicken or going 0-4 leaving 10 runners on base, and I want to stake him down next to a red-ant hill and pour sugar in his ears.

What does all of this have to do with anything? Good question. Wish I had a good answer. I guess I’m trying to kill time until I hop on a southbound plane in one week to see the boys of summer in person.