Obviously, winning back-to-back World Series’ is at the top of everyone’s list. But fans have different favorite players they want to see do well or different events they want to see take place. I’m sure the “pantsless catcher and second baseman day” is at the top of many of your lists. How about some of mine;

Ortiz and Manny battle the entire season for the triple crown and finish 1-2 in the MVP voting. Either one winning is fine.

The “A-Rod Pinata” sweeps the nation as the hottest new product. Imagine swinging a stick with a “Tek Glove” on the end and smashing A-Rod’s face, only to be rained on by candy? What could be better?

All of the 2004 champions who have moved on have great years. Pokey, Cabrera, Roberts, Leskanic and yes, Pedro. All will be missed.

The Surviving Grady book does well, and the ensuing “Red action figure” becomes this Christmas’ most sought-after gift.

Some of the cheaters are exposed by the league’s new drug testing policy. Preferably Bonds and Sheffield, but outing anyone would be a start.

Johnny Damon’s wife and Giselle decide to do the “12 Months of Glory” nude calendar. Filmed entirely at my house.

Reality TV goes away. Forever.

Bronson Arroyo buzzes A-Rod high and tight on a 3-0 pitch. When A-Rod gets up, he takes a tentative step towards the mound, sees Arroyo wearing a knowing, crooked grin, then puts his head down and jogs silently to first. Tek, who never got up from the crouch, gives Bronson a slight nod, and slides his mask down.