After two weeks of hype, finally, the game will be played. We have heard trash talk and speculation, predictions and accolades, and even a message from Dr. God. Tonight, all of that will be laid to rest. The Patriots and the Eagles will take football’s grandest stage and one will be crowned a champion. And just when you thought it was safe, here, as promised, are my predictions.

Patriot’s offense vs. Eagle’s defense: The Eagles bring a good group of defensive backs and an improved run defense, but the Patriots simply have too many weapons to stop. The combined effectiveness of the run, the short pass threat, and the deep ball put up 41 against a better Steeler defense. I don’t see the Patriots having trouble moving the ball or scoring.

Eagle’s offense vs. Patriot’s defense: The Eagles looked great against weak NFC opponents during the regular season. They also looked great in the playoffs against two dome teams playing on grass. Against the Patriots, things will be different. We are talking about a defense that held the Colts to 3 points. With T.O. nowhere near 100%, it will be up to Westbrook and McNabb to figure out a way to score. I think they will be able to move the ball. I don’t think they will put up a lot of points.

Kicking: Actually a pretty even matchup. We know what Vinatieri can do in the clutch, I think Akers could be just as good but hasn’t had the opportunity to make the big kick.

Coaching: Belichick with two weeks to prepare. ‘Nuff said.

Here are the actual wagers I have on the game so tomorrow you can ridicule me or marvel at my football knowledge:

Patriots -7.5

Dillon to win MVP (5/2 odds)

Westbrook over 56.5 receiving yards

Dillon over 98 rushing yards

Tease: Pats -1.5 and over 42

Tease: Pats -0.5 and under 54.5

Pats to win Superbowl (7/2 odds on January 6)

In Summary, I think the Patriots win this game easily. They get an early lead, as they have done all year, and Corey Dillon takes over. Final score: Patriots 34, Eagles 13.

Readers, enter your final score prediction in the comments section. Closest prediction wins the now-famous Bellhorn shirt.