Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I can’t take it.

I’ve tried to bury the emotion. Tried to let the pain just trickle off me. Tried to drown the poison memories in copius goblets of Goldschlager.

But it’s not working.

Every night, I still wake up in a cold sweat. Thinking about how we got swept in the ALCS by the motherf–king Yankees.

And perhaps the most bitter pill to swallow is that we came so. bloody. close. to changing the course of this Series. We were down, but not quite out, when Roberts made “The Attempt.” Replays showed he might have actually beaten Jeter’s tag by a few seconds, and the closeness of that call will haunt my sleep for the rest of my days.

Had he been safe, and had the Sox somehow pulled out that game, who’s to say what could have happened? Perhaps the momentum swings our way. Though it’s damn near impossible to imagine that we could have come back to win four in a row and take the Series, we might have at least been spared the indignity of the Yankees celebrating yet another ALCS win on our home turf. And God help me, if I see that replay of Rivera dropping to his knees and kissing the Fenway mound, or that bit with Sheffield and A-Rod standing on the visitor’s dugout giving the glad hand to the roaring Yankees fans, Imma shoot somebody.

Almost four months later and it still gnaws at me. All I can say is I’m quietly thrilled that NESN has decided to forego replaying these games as part of its Hot Stove Winter Series and will instead broadcast several exciting new “Mad Fisherman” adventures.