Okay. So. You’ve bought all of the DVDs, commemorative scrap books and Red Sox World Champion sweatshirts you could get your hands on. You’ve got your copy of Faithful and your Tessie CD. That vial of actual Terry Francona sweat you purchased off Ebay will be arriving any day now.

So where do you turn when you fear the buzz might be fading? Might we suggest strong grain alcohol. If that doesn’t work, there’s Surviving Grady: The Book.

Yes, it’s an actual book, published by an actual publisher and with actual pages and an actual photo of Dave Roberts and Mike Timlin on the cover. And it will be available in actual bookstores like Barnes & Noble, and from online booksellers like amazon.com.

What’s in it? Well, it’s basically the entire 2004 season’s worth of blog entries, but with lots of “extra special bonus features,” including the magical “lost month” of entries [before Denton & I got wise to the magic of Blogger around mid-May], and bits written especially for the book including visits from The Ghost of Butch Hobson and more “Unused World Series DVD Commentaries.”

Why? Well, it was an opportunity presented to us that we felt was pretty friggin’ cool. Over the past months, we’ve received a number of e-mails from readers asking about the possibility of some kind of printed “compilation” of entries, and our publisher has put together a real high-quality product that offers over 300 pages for just $7.95.

Put simply, it’s like having the entire 2004 season — as seen through the eyes of two borderline psychotic fans — in convenient book form. And at less than eight bucks, it’s cheaper than some of that high grade porno the Europeans keep pushing on us. Not saying this is better than porno. It’s just cheaper.

Larry Young is the guru who’s making this happen, and we’re proud to be part of his publishing empire, which includes work by Max Allan Collins [the dude who wrote “Road to Perdition”] and comics/TV scribe extraordinaire Warren Ellis among many, many others. Most importantly, Larry is a Sox fan on the West Coast, keeping it real in the land of Barry Bonds. Thank you, Larry.

The book will be out in April but it can be pre-ordered here from amazon.com, where it is currently outselling Mike Nesmith’s Tantamount to Treason. Take that, Papa Nez.

[Actually, I take that back. Treason‘s totally kicking our ass.]