Just when we thought we couldn’t pack any more Dave Roberts love into this website… we’re packing in more Dave Roberts love.

Because not a day goes by that we don’t think about the steal.

Because in an era of “me first” superstars who equate “respect” with a certain number of suitcases stuffed with money, Roberts moved on with class and dignity.

Because the dude’s on the cover of Surviving Grady: The Book.

But mostly because we just came across this article by Bill Burt, which was published a couple weeks ago in the Eagle Tribune.

“I wish everyone that puts on a uniform in Major League Baseball would play for the Red Sox,” said Roberts. “It really is an amazing place. I’ve never been around so many people that loved the game and their Red Sox.”

Roberts said his ties to the city will never wane.

His daughter Emerson was born at Brigham and Women’s Hospital during the Yankees series in September. He will bring her back to her first home some day when she is old enough to understand.

“I want to thank everyone, and I mean everyone, for making me feel so wanted and a part of something special,” said Roberts.

“Friends of mine are telling me that that stolen base (in Game 4) will be a defining moment in my career. That would be incredible if it is. I know I wasn’t there that long. But it felt like a lot longer. At least, there is a bond there that can never be broken. I will always be a part of history. I can always say I played on that Red Sox team.”

I still get chills thinking of all the stars that had to align to make that moment possible. Millar strikes out to begin the ninth inning of Game 4, and Roberts ends up in the 10-cent card bin with Rick Aguilera and Cliff Floyd; just another inconsequential late-season pick-up. Instead, Millar walks, Roberts plows his way into our hearts, and from that moment on, everything goes our way for the next eight games. Boo-yah.

Good luck in L.A., Mister Roberts. And thanks.