Instead of posting my top ten list of favorite dessert foods or an in-depth analysis of the Swedish steel industry, we’re switching gears and talking football. Sorry, Red, we’ll be back to baseball tomorrow.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will play next week for their third AFC title in four years. Peyton Manning and the Colts will sit at home watching, with all of their record-breaking stats, and wonder if they will ever beat the Patriots. After an endless week of the media glorifying Manning, and how the Colts as a team are much improved and that this is finally Peyton’s year, the Pats did their talking where it counts: on the field.

While the game was close at the half (6-3 Pats), anyone with one good eye and half a brain could tell how this was going to end. With Manning walking off the field shaking his head and the Pats starting to plan for the AFC Championship game. The Colts were manhandled on both sides of the ball. Patriots’ linebackers and safeties delivered bonecrushing hits whenever the Colts crossed the line of scrimmage, with Bruschi, Wilson and Harrison leading the hit parade. James was held to 39 yards rushing on 14 carries. On offense, Dillon and Faulk combined for over 200 rushing yards and the Pats controlled the ball for almost 38 minutes. Brady was typical Brady, doing whatever was necessary to win the game. He made some great throws, converted some big third downs, and even kept a QB sneak for a TD.

Another day at the office for the Pats. No glitz, no hype, just another win. On to Pittsburgh next week to face the 15-1 Steelers who beat the Pats 34-20 on Halloween. A tougher game than the Colts to be sure. The Steelers bring a legitimate defense to the game and a two-pronged running attack with Bettis and Staley. The potential weakness is a rookie QB who looked a bit rattled in his first playoff game against the Jets. I’m sure Bill Belichick will have a plan.