NESN presents the 2004 ALCS, beginning tonight at 8:00pm.

Speaking as a guy who officially threw in the towel after the abomination that was Game 3, I’m looking forward to revisiting the pain, disgust and utter helplessness I felt during the first portion of the Series. Because now I am wrapped safely in the knowledge that all this bang and clatter is simply prelude to the single greatest comeback ever.

I was watching an hour-long season recap on UPN 38 [Boston] last night and I think I still have a hard time getting my arms around the unstoppable awesomeness that was the 2004 ALCS. In the end, it was worth all the tears and sleepless nights and searing stomach pains that marked the closing of the 2003 campaign.

I’ll have the TiVo working overtime. Because later this morning, I’m off to New York on extra-secret-special-mission Number 73. I have officially tossed the keys to my man Denton, leaving you all in his capable hands.

See you next week.