Now that I’ve proven to everyone that I can cross “professional interviewer” off my list of future careers, here is the second part of the conversation with Stewart O’Nan…

SG: Were there any unpublished moments or conversations during the season you’d like to share with our readers?

SO: Tons! There’s more on the cutting room floor than actually ended up in the book.

One story line was following BK’s progress, or lack of progress. Every time he threw we watched.

Another story that didn’t get as much attention in the book was Bellhorn. I knew he had hit 20 or so homeruns a couple of years ago, but I figured a lot of them were wind-aided playing in Chicago. He played in the first pre-season game I was at and threw me a ball. Since that, I was rooting for him all year.

There was a game I was at Fenway just before Nomar came back. He was taking BP and I was out on Lansdowne Street. I caught the only homerun he hit that session. It actually bounced off the Sausage King’s van.

And of course, a lot of arguing about Francona’s line-ups. Offensively early in the year and defensively later in the year.

SG: Since you and Stephen are both veterans of the horror genre, do you foresee any future projects together in that area?

SO: I don’t know. You never know. He was a pleasure to work with.

SG: Was the Red Sox organization in communication with you or Stephen during or after the writing of the book?

SO: No.

SG: How do you think they will view some of the more candid “off-the-cuff” remarks?

SO: Hopefully they’ll see the remarks as coming from honest fans. I hope they know the comments all come out of love and concern, not hate.

SG: Stephen always gets a lot of camera time when he attends a game; do you expect the same next year due to the popularity of your book?

SO: No, nobody really knows who I am or what I look like.

SG: Can we look forward to you or Stephen throwing out a first pitch next year?

SO: I think Steve should and the team should win one for him. He was 0-2 this year. I’d rather throw from the outfield and see what kind of peg to the plate I have.

SG: Will you be at the opening day ceremony this year? Where will you be sitting?

SO: I’ll find out tomorrow when the Sox Packs go on sale.

SG: Stewart, thanks again for taking time out of your schedule to talk with us. Any final thoughts for the Surviving Grady readers?

SO: Just hang in there. All the fair-weather fans will disappear in about 20 years and it will be back to just the Faithful.

Summer isn’t that far off, less than 60 days ’til pitchers and catchers report.

This is where the “official” interview ended. Stewart stayed on the phone for about another 15 minutes and we just talked baseball. We discussed the steroid issue, the Wells signing, ball parks, contracts, pretty much everything going on. By this time I was so impressed with his knowledge of the game and the team, that I forgot to write everything down! I would love to get my hands on the “cutting room floor” stuff, it has to be great. Check out some of Stewart O’Nan’s other works, he is a great Red Sox fan and a great writer. Stewart, if you’re reading, thanks again!