First things first, it’s Gina Gershon Day here at SG, as we celebrate the woman who can magically redeem even white-hot crud like Showgirls and Prey for Rock and Roll. Say something nice about Gina. Then move along.

Another Fix: Today, the NESN video Faith Rewarded, which recaps the Red Sox 2004 season, will be released. The review at Dirt Dogs was very favorable, and advance word says that it’s superior to the MLB World Series disc. But, dudes, let’s be honest. They could release a 12-disc set of Manny and Millar peeling apples and I’d likely shell out for it. Of course, I’m not-so-secretly hoping that we see a few more DVDs before Spring Training. So far, only The Franklin Mint is working overtime to feed the insatiable beast that is Red Sox Fevah, making sure that no one dies for lack of Curt Schilling mini-statues and die-cast Fenway Parks.

More NESN Goodness: Last night, the SI Sportsmen of the Year event honoring the Sox was held at Avalon. This morning, NESN will be running a special on the event, hosted by the rascally Tom Caron. The 15-minute special runs from 5:00am to 9:00am, alternating with SportsDesk. Or, as I call it, HazelTown.

Color Us Surprised: Guess what. Giambi was on the juice. Also, if your aunt had balls, she’d be your uncle.

Hot Stove: The Cliffs Notes Edition:
Winning the World Series has seriously messed up my attitude. Last winter, if I heard the Yanks were thisclose to signing the Unit [which, come on, we all knwo they’re gonna do eventually], I’d have been punching my ticket in Coniption City. But today? Feh. As I stated yesterday, their seemingly endless quest to transform the team into The Legion of Super Heroes hasn’t won them any rings over the past couple years. So let them have at it. I do believe that Theo has something big up his sleeve which we’ll be hearing about very soon. You just know the guy’s sitting in his bunker right now, fending off text messages from the Olsen Twins and orchestrating a massive deal. The Globe’s Buzz is reporting that Millar and/or Minty could be on the block, and that doesn’t surprise me a bit, though I could see Millar sticking around. As for Petey… well, it’s the l’il guy’s first spin through free agency since he reached legendary status, so I’m sure he’s enjoying the ride. I still think he’ll be back. But more power to him if he leaves. To any of them, for that matter. While it’s sad to think of the 2004 team disbanded, half of ’em weren’t on our roster out of spring training. Players come and go, which is why we love the uni first, the guy wearin’ it second. Except, of course, when that guy is Andy Dick.

Oh, and finally: Denton and I and one of the dudes in the photo below have something cool to report. Very soon…