Well, by now we all know where to find our Schilling autographed World Series ball for $960, or a nice line-up card from game 4 for a mere $17,050. But there were a few items offered to MLB that for some reason were left off the auction block. Through some very shady dealings, we now have that list in our possession.

The “Hello Kitty” band-aid Derek Lowe used on his blister.

A signed Dixie cup used for the ceremonial “sipping” of Jack Daniels before game 3.

The mitt used by Varitek in the “glove sandwich” incident, including A-Rod’s dried snot.

Cesar Crespo. Yes, the actual utility infielder.

An autographed 8×10 (beautifully framed) of BK Kim flipping off the crowd at Fenway.

An Origami Mango tree left in front of Pedro’s locker.

The chunk of whatever-the-hell Francona was chewing in game 1.

A used syringe from game 4 of the ALCS (from the visitor’s locker room).

A teeny-tiny little Red Sox shirt with number 45 on it.

An empty grease-stained family-size KFC bucket.

A prototype of the Dale Svuem windmill-arm statuette.

Very disappointing that these items are not available.