First of all, f–k Randy Johnson and f–k the Yankees. I hope they sign Beltran and Griffey and Sosa and Clemens and Aquaman and install a reanimated Thurman Munson behind the plate. Give them guns, light sabers and the power to make Tim McCarver dance the Lambada on command because it will make beating them even sweeter. Let’s face it, if this Legion of Super Heroes edition doesn’t win the World Series, Steinbrenner will start eating his staffers’ first born children and have Cashman beheaded and de-nutted on a live pay per view special. For the entertainment value alone, we, as Red Sox fans, must embrace the 2005 Yankees.

Second, this blog was started at the beginning of the 2004 season for purposes of catharsis. Denton and I needed some outlet for the anxiety, exhilaration, and punch-your-face-in anguish that typically defines membership in Red Sox Nation. Along the way, two amazing things happened: The Greatest Season Ever transpired before our eyes, and a number of outstanding readers joined us for the ride.

To everyone who makes SG a part of their morning, afternoon, or “pre-bank robbery” ritual; to every one who’s ever left us a comment or taken the time to write us an e-mail; and to the ladies who continue to shower us with topless photos of themselves; we thank you for being a part of a memorable 2004. More than a thousand folks drop by this site every day, even if it is to simply gauge how far we’re running up the “suck-o-meter,” and we sincerely appreciate your support, and hope to continue to earn your readership in 2005. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Oh, and party at Denton’s house tonight. Beer’s on him.