Two months ago today, Red Sox Nation rolled out of bed, or the bathtub, or wherever they passed out, as fans of the World Series Champions. Despite being balls-deep in championship merchandise and Red Sox memorabilia, I still find this unbelievable. And for anybody who thought the “mystique” of the Red Sox would be gone if they ever won it all, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I want the season to start. Today.

I’ve been watching the DVD’s and reading Faithful, but baseball and summer seem so far away with a foot of fresh snow on the ground. A week in Fort Myers will help, but that isn’t until March. Help! Thank God for Red and all of the Surviving Grady readers who comment on the site. It is all that keeps me sane.

In April, when the players receive their rings, what will the Yankees roster look like? They are talking to Big Unit again.

Beltran was enamored with King George. They could be a wrecking crew. But didn’t we say that last off-season? It only makes the winter more unbearable. Arroyo pitching to A-Rod with Tek looming behind the plate. The Big Unit going power versus power with Manny. Renteria patrolling between second and third. Bellhorn, Mueller and Mientkiewicz (hopefully!) around the horn. I wish I could hibernate…