Respect the Bell!

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The AL Cy Young winner will be announced today, and Schilling has all but conceded it to Johann Santana.

Also today, the all-powerful window of exclusivity that the Sox have for dealing with their potential free agents will be unceremoniously closed, and the GM meetings will end shortly thereafter. I still hold out hope that the GMs will team up and knock off Scott Boras, not unlike the way the Marvel and DC superheroes would occasionally join forces to combat extra-special evil. Nothing elaborate, just something that makes it look like an accident. Like slipping on some ham or falling down an elevator shaft.

Beyond the free-agent frenzy, another topic that will be discussed is the use of instant replay in Major League Baseball games. Although I was impressed by the superior umpiring throughout the ALCS [with the exception of the Papi steal in Game 5 which replays showed was good], I’m all for this. Umpires are human, and therefore fallible, and they can’t see it all. Also, many of them are Molly Hatchet fans. This frightens me.