First, put down the “Tessie” CD.

We like the Dropkick Murphys too, but it’s time to acknolwedge the real patron musical saint of Red Sox Nation.

His name is Bill Janovitz. He is the lead singer of Buffalo Tom. He is also the lead singer of Crown Victoria.

If you listen to Sox games on EEI, you’ve heard these bands, as their music is frequently used for intros and outros.

As you can tell from the photo, Bill is also a buddy of THE GAMMONS, and plays the annual Hot Stove Cool Music concerts. He can be heard on the Hot Stove Cool Music CD as well.

If you’ve never heard Bill’s music, slap yourself in the nuts. Then pick up this CD. It is all heartache and lust and lipstick and alcohol and jangling guitars and cigarettes and autumn afternoons spent in the corner bar thinking of what might have been.

It deserves your attention.

The girl in the photo? That’s Kay Hanley, formerly of Letters to Cleo. And that’s a story for another day…