As we woke to find our cars covered with the season’s first snow, our thoughts turned to holiday shopping. Actually, they first turned to staying in and snogging all day, but we’ve always been willing to put the Gross National Product before our personal gratification.

That said, if you’re looking to purchase something for the Sox fan on your list, allow us to be your personal Saint Nick.

The most hotly anticipated items are the inevitable Red Sox DVDs. Amazon lists at least two, the 2004 World Series [available November 23] and the 2004 Red Sox Season Review [available December 1]. Myself, I’d prefer a simple set of homemade videotapes including every last minute of every game of the 2004 ALCS. And, yes, that’s a hint.

Apparel is also huge, but don’t tell us you’re gonna get Uncle Hazel another frickin’ scarf. Dude’s got seventeen of them, despite the fact that — as if you’d be observant enough to notice — he lost his neck battling Nazis in WWII. So give him something he can really use. Like some Red Sox gear.

And there’s certainly no shortage of the stuff. You can buy official Red Sox goodies here, where the choices range from Nike hoodies [our fave] to caps.

For something out of the ordinary, we dig the Boston Dirt Dogs long-sleeve Ts [more will reportedly be available soon]. Oh, and, er… these:

Of course, there are also the newly-released Doug Mientkiewicz fully-possible, life-size action dolls. But who’d want one of them?