From today’s Globe:

After last night’s victory, the Sox said Bronson Arroyo and Tim Wakefield would pitch Games 3 and 4 (if necessary), but did not say which pitcher would start which game.

So, with this in mind, my question for this Saturday morning is: If, say, the Sox are down 2 games to 1 with Wakey set to take the hill for Game 4… do you even let him take the mound? And if you do, with your season on the line, with everything you’ve worked for hinging on whether that ball is gonna knuckle, how short a leash do you keep him on? Two runs? Three runs? Six runs? This is the season, dudes. This is everything.

And we still don’t know who the Sox will be playing come next Tuesday. And although everyone’s hoping for Oakland, I think the one advantage of playing the Twins would be avoiding the west coast run, although it didn’t seem to bother us last year.